Emer Inversion Table Review – The Foldable Deluxe Leather Model

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When your whole day involves neck and back pain, it can be hard to focus on the things that truly matter. With the Emer Inversion Table, however, you can get sweet relief from the stresses of everyday living. At least this is what the manufacturing company claims. Is this product worth buying?

Let’s look at the cold hard facts. In general, if you purchase this tool you will receive a solid product with a lot of sturdy features and many things that make this a popular product among consumers.

Emer Inversion Table Features and Functions

1: Sturdy Frame Made of Steel

The Emer Inversion Table consists of a steel frame from an ABS plastic backrest and foam. The top-grade tubular steel frame has been powder coated with an excellent finish, and the smooth mesh has a contoured design to promote comfort and breathability.

2: Adjustable Options for an Increased Comfort Level

In addition, the thick foam rollers are soft to the touch, and the handlebars only serve to increase the inversion comfort. You can adjust the user height based on need. It ranges from 4’10” to 6’6″. Inversion therapy has been known to lessen back pain, and this form of back pain relief will increase your circulation and improve your flexibility.

3: High-Quality Features and Durable Materials

This inversion therapy table will also have a higher quality leather padded backrest for lumbar support, and you also have a heavy duty non-skid floor stabilizer and comfortable. You have a maximum weight of 440 pounds, so people with back problems who are over this weight will have no problem.

4: Supports a Weight of Up to 300-400 Pounds

You also do not need inversion boots with this product, and while the product states that it can hold up to 440 pounds, you may not want to test it if you’re closer to that limit because this is usually only a rough estimate. They say 440, but the label warns you don’t want more than 330 pounds on this machine for the best results.

5: It is a Quite Heavy Tool that Takes Plenty of Space in One’s Home

While this machine does fold up, it can be pretty heavy to move, so it’s unlikely that it will fit under the bed, but a closet might work well. When you spend time on the Emer Inversion Table, one of the first things you realize about it is how comfortable it feels to lay on it. This inversion table will improve back and sciatic pain.

*You can purchase this effective inversion table on Amazon, for the price of $229.99.

a man showing us how to use the Emer invesion table

Emer Inversion Table Pros

  • Great to ease into your back problems.
  • Good height and weight allowances.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good design and quality of materials.
  • All the tools needed inside the box.
  • The plush material makes it easy to wipe down.

Emer Inversion Table Cons

  • Hard to move around because it weighs so much.
  • Instruction manual somewhat confusing at times.

The Emer Inversion Table will relax your back, and it sets your upper vertebrae and your lower vertebrae back into place. This is heavy duty and easy to use for the most part. After you’re done with this product, you can fold it up and store it in a closet. In general, the assembly will take you between 30 to 45 minutes.

Why Is It Better Than Other Products?

For someone with back pain and seeking relief, one of the first things to cross a person’s mind comes down to safety. After all, you hang upside down, and you need to know that you will be safe when using a product. It should have sturdiness and straps of some kind to keep you locked in. The Emer Inversion Table includes foot straps to help you feel secure when using this product.

1: Fold It Away

Another thing that should be mentioned is how you can tuck it away once you have finished with it. Most people don’t want this giant hunk of metal in the middle of their living room after finishing with a session, and some of the inversion tables offer you no solution to this problem.

The Emer Inversion Table, however, folds up and can be hidden away in the closet when not in use. That especially makes it more convenient when you have to free up space in the house because you’re hosting an event. It keeps everything looking neat and tidy.

2: Five Adjustable Angles

Based on the need, you have five adjustable angles for the Emer Inversion Table. This offers a little more flexibility than what you have with some of the other inversion tables, and you can go with what works the best for you. The five adjustable angles work with what you need.

With each of the adjustable angles, you will see a 10-degree incline. It comes in the colors red and black. The Emer Inversion Table meets your expectations and excels it.

Bottom Line

After sitting and working all day, we can develop problems with the back or perhaps a car accident developed into bad back pain. To address these issues, we can use an inversion table to relieve back pain. Overall, the Emer Inversion Table offers a sturdiness unlike many of the other choices with rubber padding to reduce skidding and other problems. It has almost everything a person could need if they’re seeking pain relief.

This is a great table to help you with what is needed. Do you have a favorite inversion table or have you used this one? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below on what your experiences were. We’d also like to hear if this table helped to relieve your back pain.

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