Exerpeutic Inversion Table Review

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While it does not provide long-lasting relief, it can temporarily alleviate even severe back pain. Using it regularly may help those with chronic back pain to avoid or reduce their pain. The Exerpeutic inversion table is designed to be a safe, comfortable, and affordable way to practice inversion therapy at home. This article will go over this table’s important features and how to best use it to find relief from your back pain.

Inversion therapy is a spinal decompression technique that is often used to temporarily relieve pressure on spinal nerve roots. While many chiropractors have inversion tables, not everyone can afford to see a chiropractor, and many would rather have the convenience of an at-home table. Read on for our full Exerpeutic inversion table review.

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Exerpeutic Inversion Table Review of Features and Functions

This inversion table is fairly simply constructed, making it an affordable but safe choice for those who want to do home inversion therapy. While there are many inversion tables on the market, each table will typically have somewhat different features. Below are some of the main features of the Exerpeutic inversion table. Each of these features is important to consider when looking at an inversion table, so each feature on the list has been elaborated upon below:

  • Heavy, durable frame.
  • Adjusts to user height.
  • Foam ankle rolls hold ankles in place.
  • Handles and adjustable tether strap make returning to an upright position easy.
  • Comfort foam backrest.

#1. Durable Frame

Having a heavy frame is an important feature for an inversion table. A frame that isn’t sturdy is much more likely to break or collapse. Since many using inversion tables are already injured or otherwise compromised, it is especially important to avoid falls. The Exerpeutic inversion table has a frame of 1.5-inch steel, which is strong, durable, and will last for years.

the Exerpeutic inversion table adjustability system

#2. Adjustability

The adjustability is also an important feature. For maximum pain relief, you need a table that is appropriate for your height. Users can easily adjust this table to fit anyone between 4’10” and 6’6″. This is ideal for those who want to share the table with other users, or for younger users who are still growing.

#3. Foam Rollers

This inversion table relies on foam ankle rollers to hold ankles in place. This is an important consideration, as some inversion tables use ankle straps instead. Both means of holding the ankles work well, and some users prefer one or the other. The foam rollers on the Exerpeutic inversion table may be a good choice for those who prefer to avoid being strapped in, as this can be an uncomfortable sensation for some.

Similarly, because the sensation of being inverted can be jarring for many. This table’s handle and tether design make it so you can easily return to an upright position when needed.

Lastly, the foam backrest keeps you supported and comfortable while inverted, which is good for those with significant back pain.

*The price of the Exerpeutic inversion table is $93.

the Exerpeutic table foam rollers

Why Is the Exerpeutic Inversion Table Better than Other Inversion Tables?

This inversion table is an excellent choice for people who want to pursue at-home inversion for a number of reasons, and a major reason is its affordability. While inversion therapy can be an incredibly helpful therapy for many, many inversion tables are very expensive. It is also safe and easy for one person to use alone.

1. It’s Affordable Without Sacrificing Quality

The Exerpeutic inversion table is affordable, but it does not sacrifice any safety features or therapeutic benefits. It offers full 180-degree inversion, has a 3/4″ padded back rest for comfort, and uses comfortable and secure foam rollers to hold the ankles while the user is inverted. Essentially, one of the main advantages this table has above others is that it offers an identical therapeutic benefit without the extra cost commonly seen with other models.

2. It Can Be Used Easily by One Person

The Exerpeutic inversion table is also a good choice because it can be very easily used by one person. While some users prefer to have someone helping them, those who live alone may not have this option. Because of the generously-sized safety handles and adjustable tether, individual users can very easily adjust the table position alone. Additionally, the lack of straps for ankles makes it easy to get off the table quickly if necessary.

3. It Has Large Grippable Safety Handles

The large safety handles are a very important feature of this table. Many budget models have very small handles that do not loop, but this can pose a safety risk if the user’s hand slips off the bar, since the user could lose control of the table or fall. The Exerpeutic inversion table has large, grippable handles that loop all the way around, and this makes it much less likely that the user will lose their grip while they are inverted.

Summing It Up

In short, as you can see in this Exerpeutic inversion table  review, this tool is designed for a user who may be short on money but who doesn’t want to compromise on safety and quality. This table, while it is inexpensive, offers many safety features, including secure ankle rollers, safety handles, and an adjustable tether. It also can adapt easily to users of different heights, and it is safe for one person to use alone. These features make it ideal for both users who live alone and those who live in a household with multiple users.

While some people may be concerned about the durability of an inexpensive inversion table, this table has a sturdy steel frame and high-quality foam padding, both of which are designed to last for years. Those who purchase this table will likely be able to get years of safe inversion therapy out of it. If you have been searching for a solution, try this inversion table. If you already own or have used the Exerpeutic inversion table, please share your experience with it in the comments below.

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