Fitness Reality 690XL And 790XLT Inversion Table Reviews

Health Gear Advanced Inversion Technology Review

Fitness Reality 690XL and 790XLT Inversion Table Reviews

Inversion tables are a popular piece of fitness equipment that you can find everywhere from at your local gym to your doctor or chiropractor’s office.  Recently, there’s been a surge in options that are sturdy, reliable, and priced for home use as well.


Fitness Reality Inversion Tables come in two models, the 690XL and the 790XLT.  Both offer comfortable features that allow you to easily turn yourself upside down and reap the benefits of inversion therapy.


People who have back pain, compressed nerves in their spine, circulation issues, and headaches are just some of the potential candidates who can see amazing results with an inversion table.


The device can both stretch and relax your muscles, and scientific studies agree that they are generally safe and effective to use.


In this review, we’ll look at both of the models that Fitness Reality has to offer.  We’ll dive deep into the specifications and compare the two options, and we’ll also stack them against other competitor brands.  There are details on price and where to find deals, as well as our final recommendation to help you decide if this is the right option for your inversion needs.

What Is The Fitness Reality 690XL and 790 XLT?

The 690XL and 790XLT are the two inversion table models that the Fitness Reality band manufactures.  Although they have many similar components, there are some key differences between the two designs. Here we will break down the specifics.  

Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table with Lower Back...
  • Backboard made from 1 in. foam with reinforced double stitching
  • Adjusts user height between 4 ft. 10 in. and 6 ft. 6 in.
  • Ergonomic ankle cushions hold ankles securely

The higher-end of the two options, the 790XLT is branded as their “high endurance” table thanks to its steel frame construction and extra padding.  The foam backrest boasts a full inch of cushion that’s contoured to provide a comfortable resting position for your head, neck, and back during your inversions.


This option also comes with a removable pad for your lower back that provides additional lumbar support if you need it.


It also features extra-long safety handles that make it easy to seamlessly get back to upright after you’ve done your therapy.  


It weighs 57 pounds once it's fully assembled, and measures 49 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 57 inches tall.  


Users between 4’10” and 6’6” tall can adjust the table to their height, and it can hold someone who weighs up to 300 pounds.  


The table can invert to a full 180-degrees and uses an adjustable tether strap to help you determine and modify your angle depth.  It’s also equipped with floor stabilizers to reduce movement, and utilizes an oval steel frame construction to provide added balance and support.


Another plush feature of this upgraded model is the ergonomic ankle cushions.  They envelop your ankles to provide a firm and steady grip that is both secure and comfortable.


This model comes with a 1-year limited warranty, but if you order directly from the manufacturer, they extend it by an additional five years.  





Fitness Reality 690XL Additional Weight Capacity Inversion Table with...
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Although the 690 XL is considered a step down from the 790XLT model, there are many similarities in regards to construction, design, and operation.  This Fitness Reality inversion table model also features steel frame construction and extra long safety handles but comes with slightly less padding and ankle supports that aren’t as nice as the 790XLT.


The 690 has 3/4 inch of foam padding on the backrest, and also includes an optional lumbar pillow to provide additional support if desired.  


The manufacturer recently upgraded the weight capacity of this machine and it can now also accommodate users up to 300 pounds.  Like it’s high-end counterpart, users between 4’10” to 6’6” can use it comfortably.


It measures 75 inches tall, 28 inches wide and 18 inches deep, and weighs 55 pounds when fully assembled.


This model can also invert to a full 180-degrees and uses a tether strap system to regulate your angle.  


Although the ankle straps don’t feature the upgraded ergonomic design you find on the 790XLT, they are still very comfortable and secure and allow you to configure them to your unique shape and needs.


The 690XL can be folded into a more compact form for storage in a closet, behind a door, or under the bed.  Like the 790XLT, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and if you purchase directly from Fitness Reality, they add on an additional five years for free.





How to Use An Inversion Table

Thanks to their similar construction and inversion method, the process to use both of these tables are the same.  Here is a simple step-by-step process for operating the equipment.

Step 1:  Set Up the Table

Start by setting up you Fitness Reality Inversion Table taking care to place it on a flat floor space with enough room that it can rotate without bumping into any walls or furniture.

Step 2:  Adjust the Table

Next, adjust the machine to match your height.  You’ll want to step on the platform and ensure that your head rests on the backrest comfortably and isn’t hanging off the end.  You may want to add an extra inch to account for your spine lengthening and stretching once you invert.

Step 3:  Pick Your Depth

Before you begin your inversion, decide how far you want to go.  Although the table can rotate to up to 180-degrees, it’s not recommended that beginners start with an angle that severe.  


Choose a depth where you’re comfortable and feel safe, and increase the degree of the inversion as you progress.  Eventually, you may acclimate to a full 180-degrees, or you may discover that you reap the benefits at a less steep angle.

Step 4:  Mount the Equipment

Step into the footrests and secure your feet tightly in each.  You’ll want to make sure that they fit comfortably around your ankles, but aren’t so snug that they cut off circulation.


Then, lean back against the table so that your head, neck, shoulders, and back are all resting against the padded vinyl.  Slowly raise your arms above your head to begin the inversion and use the tether to reach your desired depth and adjust as needed.

Step 5:  Relax

Once you’ve achieved your inversion, the next step is to relax into the stretch.  Practice deep breathing by inhaling in for a few counts through your nose and then exhaling for the same number of counts out of your mouth.


Think about how your lungs expand and relax during the movement, and use that breath to help the rest of your body relax.


It’s common for beginners to tense up or feel nervous while in an inversion, so concentrate on letting your body unwind one muscle at a time.  Using a guided meditation may be helpful, or doing simple things like relaxing the muscles of your face, shoulders, hands, neck, feet, and back might do the trick.

Step 6:  Hold It

If you’re a beginner, and inversion that lasts two or three minutes might be a good place to start. Users more familiar with the therapy can hang out for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to reap the rewards.


While inverted, stretch your back and elongate your spine to decompress your nerves and relax your muscles.  

Step 7:  Return to Upright

When you’re ready to come out of the inversion, the first step is to bring your arms back down by your sides.  This will shift your center of gravity and allow the table to start coming upright on its own. Use the tether or the handrails to assist you to get the rest of the way back to where you started.


Remember to go very slowly and breathe evenly to help avoid feeling dizzy on the way up.  Wait until you feel completely stable before bending forward to undo the ankle straps and dismount the machine.

What Makes The Fitness Reality 690XL and 790XLT Unique

Although the Fitness Reality models don’t boast any features that are completely unique in the inversion table market, there are a few notable things that help them stand out from the competition.


Both options can accommodate a user up to 300 pounds, which is around 25 pounds greater than many of their competitors.  Also, the removable lumbar pillow that comes with the equipment is something that many manufacturers sell as an enhancement rather than including it with the device.


The extended, free 5-year limited warranty if you order directly from the manufacturer might be the benefit that gives these Fitness Reality back stretcher tables the edge over their competition.  Some options don’t offer any warranty, and many cap theirs at one year.


If you plan to use this piece of equipment daily or multiple times per day, it might be worth it to look at one of these two options specifically as the wear and tear may be covered by the warranty.


As we outlined above, there aren’t many significant differences between the 690XL and the 790XLT, and you’ll see that reflected in the price.


The 690XL retails for around $159 from the manufacturer, where the 790XLT comes in at $169.  


There aren’t any additional things you’ll need to purchase. However, there are several places where you can snag deals and spend significantly less on these products.  We’ve outlined those below.


Coupons and Deals

Although buying directly from the manufacturer gets you an additional 5 years on your limited warranty, it could end up costing you quite a bit more than shopping around.


For example, you can get the 690XL at Walmart for around $90, a savings of $69 off the full retail price.  You can find the 790XLT online at Amazon for approximately $130 which saves you $39.


Consider whether the warranty is worth it for how much you plan to use the equipment, and shop around for deals that could save you a lot of money.


Public Perception

Fitness Reality is a division of the much larger company, Paradigm Health and Wellness.  They’ve been around since 2007 and are a staple in the fitness industry. Over one million of their products reside in health and wellness facilities across the world, and their home-use line is a fan favorite.


They produce equipment that includes:

  • Bikes
  • Ellipticals
  • Treadmills
  • Inversion Tables
  • Strength Training Equipment
  • Swing sets

Users appreciate the high-quality construction and affordable prices and also rave about their customer service.  Their call center is based in the US and is very easy to work with which has built them a stellar reputation.


Unlike many other home-use models, both the 690XL and 790XLT are reported to be easy to assemble, and an “average Joe” could do it in an hour or so by following the step-by-step instructions.


Overall, other reviewers put this brand, and specifically the 790XLT model at the top of many lists of affordable inversion tables.

How It Compares

There are dozens of inversion tables to choose from, and here are a few that have comparable features to the Fitness Reality Models.

Gizmo Supply Therapy Inversion Fitness Table
  • Ankle Supports– Adjustable supports for a quick and perfect fit to any size user; they lock securely, yet are easy to...
  • Sleek Design– Black frame and nylon aprons that hide the pivot hinges make this table extremely attractive
  • Sturdy Frame– Heavy-duty ultra high-strength steel, non-rocking frame safe for users up to 300 pounds, and non-skid,...

This is a top user-rated table that’s well-liked for it’s plush, soft ankle rests.  Like the Fitness Reality models, it can accommodate users who weigh up to 300 pounds and who are between 4’10” and 6’5” tall.


It’s out of the box ready and requires just minutes of assembly before use.


Although it doesn’t have a thick, vinyl covered padding like the competition, the Gizmo table has a cushioned backing with large spaces that users love because it allows for air flow during the inversion.


Although the features are comparable, the price isn’t.  It retails for around $300, and although you can find bargains on it on sites like Amazon, you’ll still pay around $190 for this table.





No products found.

If you want extra bells and whistles on your inversion table, this Merax model is worth a second glance.  It has very similar specifications to the Fitness Reality options and also provides massage settings and heat to give you a more in-depth treatment.


The extra features mean it’s more costly, and you’ll pay around $190 for this option.  It’s also a larger and heavier table than its competition, and it weighs 63 pounds. This makes it a bit more difficult to move around and store than other models.






What We Think

If you’re looking for a home-use inversion table that uses a tether system for depth adjustment, then both of these models from Fitness Reality could be the perfect fit.  They each provide a stable platform that you can safely invert to up to 180-degrees.


Especially if you’re someone who plans to use the equipment several times per day, the option to purchase through the manufacturer and get a longer warranty is enticing.  There are also significant savings options if you buy through sites offering a discount, which could make this high-quality piece of fitness equipment an affordable choice.

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