Healthrider Inversion System Review

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When you invert your body upside down, there are many health advantages. Most people cringe at the thought of dangling upside down to produce some level of beneficial return. However, there are both physiological and psychological rewards from putting your body in a vertical position, head over your heels so to speak.

The first question that might come to mind is how in the world someone could perform this maneuver safely. That’s where an inversion system becomes an excellent addition to any home fitness center. To perform inversions, you need safe equipment. The Healthrider Inversion System is an economical choice and well-manufactured inversion tool.

Why Use Inversion Therapy

Body inversion therapy has been used as a medical and spiritual practice for centuries. Early drawings show how inversion therapy was used as a method of healing the body as early as 3,000 B.C. Chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists and sports trainers utilize inversion therapy techniques to fix a multitude of body ailments.

When the human body turns upside down your head gets lower than your heart. Therefore, it reverses the blood circulation. Since it enhances heart activity, it produces amazing cardio advantages. With improved blood movement to your head, it helps your brain function better. Chiropractors regularly prescribe inversion therapy to alleviate pressure between the vertebrae.

The whole theory behind inversion therapy is to improve blood flow, release tension and relax the human body. This inversion system is an affordable way to employ inversion therapy into your health and fitness regime every day.

Healthrider Inversion System Review

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All Healthrider equipment is manufactured by the ICON Health and Fitness, Inc, an industry leader in affordable exercise equipment. The Healthrider inversion system is solid and stable, letting you safely execute body inversions at different angles, including completely vertical. There are extra features blended with superior workmanship making it a favorite among inversion enthusiasts.

The Healthrider inversion system allows you to manage your inversion angle, with six preset angles, which you can quickly invert to and lock. By using the well-positioned padded handles, you can reverse your body and then stop at any of these preset points, up to 90-degrees. You can stabilize your body directly facing the floor. This extremely demanding exercise helps you develop abdominal and back strength.

You will never have to worry if the Healthrider Inversion System is sturdy enough to sustain your height and weight. A wide base supports weights up to 300 pounds. The adjustable back support is easily adjusted to fit any height from 5 feet tall to 6 feet 6 inches. You’ll be comfortable since there is a soft and durable contour back pad.

Healthrider Inversion System Special Features

There are two important safety features necessary when considering an inversion table. The strength and placement of the handles make it easy for you to perform safe inversions. Each ankle strap has a release fastener safe and easy exit. The handles have a non-slip rubber grip so you can get a tight and secure hold.

The Healthrider inversion system has a secure ankle lock. It is actually a safety gear design that will allow you to adjust the tilt to the preset angles, and then safely lock it down. You are able to change your rotation speed with the Healthrider inversion system, using the trademarked AxisSelect Center of Gravity Adjustment. You cannot find this feature on any other inversion table.

Many inversion system reviews are disappointed by an inability to easily find the angle they want. The Healthrider inversion system has added another unique feature. InvertSelect has a sensitive trigger mechanism so you can quickly find that perfect angle setting, without being frustrated by missing a gear. Other systems do not have this feature and users complain about having to make multiple attempts to finally lock into the desired angle.

The foot platform is wide and provides reassuring stability. There is a catch hook between the foot placements where you can attach a helper strap. This is a great addition that facilitates the return from a full inversion if you are stuck. You won’t have to fumble for the lock release and spin yourself around if you get tired of doing inverted abdominal exercises.

Why Choose the Healthrider Inversion System?

several poses and exercises one can do on an inversion table

The Healthrider Inversion Table System is supported by one of the most highly respected fitness companies in the world. ICON Health & Fitness Inc manufactures and provides strong customer support for all the Healthrider equipment, plus ProForm, Nordic Track and others. Owners can feel reassured because it comes with the backing of a well-respected company and an excellent warranty.

The Healthrider inversion system employs quality artistry blended with the unique features that make it different from any other inversion system. At first glance, it will be immediately clear that the construction is sturdy and stable.

The system does not fold up or reduce in size like some less sturdy models, so you’ll need to plan for adequate space. To safely perform complete inversions using all the preset angles, you’ll need to situate the machine in a free area about 7 feet long and 3 feet wide. This will provide ample room to mount and exit the machine, plus perform safe inversions.

Other inversion tables have short handles with feeble grips. The Healthrider has a full bar that curves around and securely attaches to the center support. This means you can walk yourself around the pivot axis without completely taking your hands off the handle. This inviting feature makes the Healthrider Inversion Table an excellent choice.

Putting It All Together

Inversion tables can enhance your life. By applying inversion therapy using the Healthrider inversion system, you can feel better, think better, and your body will move more freely. With the Healthrider inversion system, you can safely perform multiple body movements from different tilt angles, in addition to core strengthening exercises.

It’s not only an excellent addition to your home fitness center for training purposes, using one can be downright relaxing. A Healthrider Inversion Table System lets you lie back, unwind and exercise your anxiety away.

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