How Can Inversion Therapy Stop Your SI Joint Pain?

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Living with SI joint pain is often a very difficult process. The pain can be so excruciating that it makes simple tasks like walking to check the mail difficult and downright unbearable. This results in a significant reduction in quality of life and social ostracization.

Fortunately, inversion therapy can help with your SI joint pain. It has many potential health benefits that can help you return to a happy and productive life. This article is going to explore six ways that inversion therapy can help with your SI joint pain. It will also go into some important things to consider before beginning the therapy yourself.

#1. Spinal Lengthening

During your day to day life, your spine is constantly being subjected to the forces of gravity. Over time, these forces cause your discs and other joints to continually contract. This forces out the protective fluids that are important to proper joint health. These issues only aggravate the SI joint further.

Inversion therapy can help with SI joint pain by naturally lengthening your spinal column. Once the spine has been lengthened, fluid can be reabsorbed by the appropriate joints. Studies show that this treatment is very effective for this purpose and that it doesn’t require long inversion periods to take advantage of the benefits.

#2. Reduced Likelihood of Surgery

Another way that inversion therapy helps with SI joint pain is that it reduces the likelihood of surgeries. Most surgeries only provide temporary relief. For example, sacroiliac joint injections typically combine an anesthetic and a corticosteroid compound. While these do provide temporary pain relief, continued corticosteroid use can result in a wide variety of issues ranging from osteoporosis to myopathy.

These side effects can further aggravate existing SI joint pain. This results in additional treatment that compounds the problem even further. Using simple inversion therapies is able to reduce the likelihood that these aggressive treatments will be needed as well as their overall frequency.

#3. Improved Posture

Improved posture is another way that inversion therapy can help with your SI joint pain. Inversion therapy works by lengthening your spine. This allows your discs and other joints to return to their natural position resulting in improved overall posture.

With improved posture, you help alleviate the unnecessary strain that is often placed on certain key areas of the body. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation that are often seen in temperamental areas like the sacroiliac joint and lumbar regions.

#4. Circulatory Benefits

Another great thing about inversion therapy is the effect it has on your circulatory system. When you invert, your blood is forced to your head for a short duration. When you return to your original position, the blood flows back naturally.

This has an overall positive impact on SI joint pain. It does this by naturally moving blood to the surrounding soft tissues. Moreover, it helps to remove inflammation and transport it to appropriate areas of your body for processing. Also, it enables the process of delivering vital nutrients to the surrounding tissues to help facilitate repair of damaged tissue and more.

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#5. Reduce Medication Use

One of the most common ways doctors treat SI joint pain is with the use of powerful opioids. While these drugs are okay for short-term use, they can cause major health problems when used for long periods.

One of the worst problems associated with continued painkiller use is that it causes dependence. Patients typically need larger and larger doses to provide the same level of pain relief they originally received with a much smaller dose.

Inversion therapy is able to reduce the pain associated with SI naturally. It reduces the likelihood that you will need to take prescription strength painkillers for relief. For people who already take a prescription regularly, it can help reduce the frequency that you need to take your pain relieving medication. This leads to a better management of the entire SI joint pain condition effectively and reduces the chance of drug dependence.

#6. Improved Flexibility

One of the most common causes of SI joint pain is often believed to be hypomobility. This basically occurs when a joint is not experiencing enough movement in its proper range of motion. The pain is typically felt on one side of the lower back or buttocks and radiates down the leg.

Inversion therapy can be used as a way to naturally stretch your joints without putting excess pressure on them. This leads to improved flexibility and results in a decrease in SI joint pain. Patients do not require long inversion periods to take advantage of this stretching mechanic. A few inversion treatments a week are often all that is necessary to help restore proper range of motion.

Things to Consider Before Trying Inversion Therapy to Treat SI Joint Pain

Inversion therapy is a great treatment method for reducing SI joint pain. It can also help with a variety of other health issues as well. However, there are certain things to consider before trying this treatment for yourself.

This most important thing is to consult with your physician first. Your physician can review your medical history to determine if there are any dangers to beginning this treatment. For example, people with glaucoma have to be very cautious when trying inversion therapy. This is due to the increased pressure that inversion therapy puts on your eyes.

Another medical condition that can be aggravated by inversion therapy is high blood pressure. While inverted, it is natural for your blood pressure to increase and your heart rate to decrease. For this reason, people with high blood pressure and heart issues must be particularly careful when trying inversion therapy.

Talking with your doctor is the first step to trying inversion therapy for yourself. With proper medical guidance, it can be a valuable treatment method for SI joint pain and more.

Let’s Recap

Inversion therapy is a great way to help with SI joint pain. It can help with flexibility, reduce your medication use naturally, and even improve your circulation. There are many great benefits that make this treatment worth considering.

However, it is important you talk to your medical provider before beginning this or any other alternative treatment method. By doing this, you can be sure you are making an educated decision that will help you relieve your SI joint pain naturally.

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