Stamina Inline Traction Control System Review

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The Stamina InLine Traction Control System provides a safe and gentle way to align your spine, shoulders, and hips. This product can also help with some forms of back and shoulder pain. It is a popular option for those who suffer from back pain or limited mobility but aren’t able to use a full inversion table. For those who may struggle to get onto and off of the floor with traditional kneeling traction devices, the Stamina InLine is designed to be used exclusively while standing.

The review below will discuss the main features of the Stamina InLine, how to use it, and how it stacks up against similar devices. Always check with your healthcare provider to make sure it is safe for you to try traction machines for your back pain. Individual results depend on your body, how deeply you stretch, and how often you use the Stamina InLine Traction Control System.

Stamina InLine Traction Control System Features & Functions

This traction system is built for people of many heights and sizes. It provides a gentle, controlled stretch with secure and comfortable construction. The Stamina InLine Traction Control System has the following features and functions.

1: Keeps You Mobile and Pain-Free

This product uses a special design to relieve many forms of back pain and give you a thorough stretch while aligning your spine. Just stand at the back of the InLine with your legs firmly against it, place your arms on the arm rolls, and lean forward slowly until you reach your ideal stretch.

2: Has Comfortable Features

Includes a padded chest rest, easy-to-grip handles, and secure places for your arms. The chest pad and handles are made to support your body firmly and keep you from over extending.

3: It Comes with a Sturdy Design

With a steel frame that can hold up to 250 pounds, the Stamina InLine Traction Control System is a safe and stable inversion tool. It is not designed to be a portable machine, but it will fit easily in small spaces if needed. Fully assembled, this system is 34” long x 23” wide x 38” tall.

4: User-Friendly Buying Process

You can order the Stamina InLine from Amazon quickly and easily. The Stamina Inline Traction Control System is eligible for free Amazon shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and can be shipped internationally as well for a fee.

5: Provides Great Results in Just a Few Minutes of Use per Day

Users report using this tool for as little as 2-5 minutes at a time a few times a day helped them find relief from their back pain. Most users noted a difference in their back pain immediately but encourage new buyers to be patient and consistent with their treatment for the best results

*If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can find it online, for the price of $133.99.

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Stamina InLine Pros

  • Simple, sturdy design.
  • Easy to fit in small apartments or basements.
  • Provides a full stretch and alignment of your hips, spine, and shoulders.
  • Offers extra safety with padded body rests, rolls and straps keep you secure while stretching.
  • Design offers an accurate treatment.
  • The standing design is easy to use once assembled and adjusted.
  • Fast results with regular use as directed.
  • Adjustable for maximum results regardless of height or size.
  • While the website states that the weight limit is 250 pounds, users weighing as much as 300 pounds have reported no problems with this machine.

Stamina InLine Cons

  • At home, the assembly can be a challenge and time-consuming, especially for those with limited mobility. It is also difficult to adjust if multiple people of varying heights are going to use it.
  • Once assembled, the device may be too heavy to move easily. Try to assemble it in the area where you are going to use it.
  • Not a decompression device, this system may not provide adequate pain relief for back muscles.
  • May not be suitable for severe forms of back pain or spinal damage.
  • Not recommended for neck pain or those with neck injuries.

Why Is the Stamina InLine Traction Control System Better Than Other Traction Devices?

This traction tool is a great option for those who can’t use full inversion tables or prefer a less extreme stretch. It will provide a full stretch from your hips to the top of your spine depending on how far down you lean. You fully control your stretch, and the machine supports you completely and keeps you from bending too far. This prevents a majority of possible injuries while using the Stamina InLine machine.

The Stamina InLine system works from a standing position, while similar products use a kneeling position from the floor. If you need a machine that doesn’t require you to get down to the floor and then get back up, the Stamina InLine Traction Control System may be an easier way to get the results you need.

While the Stamina InLine is not very portable once assembled, it is one of the easier traction machines to use once you have it adjusted for your height. Other machines may require additional adjustments before each use, but this product is simple to use several times a day as needed without much preparation.

Summing It Up

The Stamina InLine Traction Control System is a great tool for patients with back pain that need a simple, effective standing traction machine. Once you put it together and adjust it to fit your arms, hips, and shoulders, you can easily use this machine any time you need a stretch or relief from back pain. Most users experience relief within just a few uses of the Stamina InLine Traction Control System and maintain that relief with regular use as suggested by their healthcare providers.

If you have tried the Stamina InLine Traction Control System, we would love to hear how it worked for you! Share your results with us in the comments below.

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