Back stress is a very common disease that targets everyone. The patient feels severe pain in his upper, middle or lower back that is mostly due to muscle stress or excessive pressure on the back. Where there is back pain, there is inversion table. Inversion table is a great piece of equipment widely used for curing back pain but still majority of the people are not aware of the benefits it offers.

Inversion Table – An Overview

Before revealing the extraordinary benefits of inversion table, I must first briefly introduce this great product with you. An inversion table is just like an exercise machine specially designed for supporting our back and improving our body posture. This table is named inversion table due to special reason. It inverts the body at several angles from 20 degrees up to 180 degrees. This releases the pressure present on the back bone. As a result of this, patient feels relief from pain.

Health Benefits of Using Inversion Table

Inversion therapy has been used in different cultures and societies for curing back pain. The most common method of doing this therapy is use of an inversion table which balances the weight on both its sides and then inverts the body upside down. Following are some interesting benefits of using an inversion table.

1.      Faster And Permanent Relief from Pain

The major benefit of inversion table is that it provides relief from back stress very fast. You will feel a significant decrease in pain within a few minutes. If you use it regularly then the pain will disappear forever. This is what its customers say about it.

2.      Relaxes Back Muscles

Another great benefit of this simple piece of equipment is that it relaxes the back muscles. This happens due to inversion motion. When the body is being in inverted position then the flow of blood increases towards all body parts. This in result provides relief from muscles stress.

3.      Maintains Posture

You will be amazed to know that regular use of this table align our spine and places the discs in their right position. In additions, it improves our posture. This means that there is no need to go for any surgery for your spine; you just have to lie down on this table for a few minutes everyday.

4.      Relieves Body Stress

Stress is very common these days. Majority of the people feel minor pain in neck and back after spending a busy day. This mostly happens when you remain at the same position for quite a long time. The use of inversion table not only provides relief from stress but it also decreases stress in our neck and back. You will feel relaxed and fresh after using it.

5.      Increases Flexibility

You must use inversion table daily even if you do not have back pain. This is because it increases the flexibility of body.

6.      Increases Blood Flow

If you perform yoga then you will certainly know that in yoga, a special posture is maintained to increase blood flow. Inversion table helps you to achieve that posture easily. Inversion table stimulates the flow of blood that offers additional benefits as proper flow of blood is very important for all the body parts to work efficiently and effectively.

7.      Good For Workouts

This table is also used for various workouts. You can fully stretch your body using this table. In addition, you can perform squats.

8.      Elongates Our Spine

Most of you will not be aware of the fact that the force of gravity leaves us shorter every day as it applies pressure on our back bone. Inversion table makes us taller by stretching our body and elongating our spine. It works against gravity as it reverses the gravitational force and decreases the pressure on our back.

9.      Good For Abs

Some people also use it for developing abs as remaining still at certain angles helps you to apply extra amount of pressure on the abdomen which automatically burns fat. This helps in building muscles.

10.  Maintains Joint Health

The regular use of inversion table also improves joint health. This is why health experts highly suggest older people to use this table every day. This table decreases pressure from our joints and makes them relax. It particularly benefits ankle, hips and knee joints as they are more prone to stress because they bear most of the pressure when we are standing or carrying weight.

11.  Increases Your Focus

It is also believed that regular use of this table increases your ability to concentrate on thing for longer time.

12.  Increases Balance

This table is all about maintaining balance. You will definitely achieve balance and stability after regular use of this table.

These are just a few inversion table benefits. Hence, it is now clear that inversion table is not only good for patients of back pain but also for everyone else. There are various companies manufacturing this table at very reasonable price. Everyone can easily afford this table so it is highly suggested buying one for your home.