7 Benefits of Inversion Table – Why You Should Invest in This Piece of Equipment

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Inversion table therapy is becoming an increasingly popular option for a wide variety of conditions. The reason for this is the wide variety of benefits associated with this innovative treatment option. In our article, we’re going to cover 7 of the top benefits of inversion table therapy based on user reviews and popularity.

1. Overall Back Pain Reduction

One of the biggest benefits of inversion table therapy is back pain reduction. For many back pain sufferers, turning to a high-quality inversion table has helped them reduce their prescription painkiller intake greatly. In addition, difficult-to-treat conditions like sciatica and scoliosis can sometimes benefit from this therapy option as well.

As for research supporting these types of claims, one such study has shown the inversion table as a moderately effective method. Though this treatment method is primarily useful for short-term pain relief, it has few side effects when compared to the use of strong opioid-based painkillers. People who have certain conditions like high blood pressure, glaucoma, and heart disease should talk with their doctor first before trying this treatment option.

2. Improve Your Spinal Health

Another one of the biggest benefits of inversion table therapy is the improvement of your spinal health. For this benefit, the research is a bit of a mixed bag. Some studies recommend it while others underline only minimal to moderate improvements for most individuals. However, most users who invest in an inversion table have reported that they feel that their spinal health has improved.

The reason this is believed to occur is that the inversion table helps to create space between each of your discs. This, in turn, helps to relieve tension as well as improve circulation in the surrounding tissue and muscle areas. By creating space between your discs regularly, you can help combat the natural pressure that builds up from activities like sitting, bending, as well as simple running and walking.

3. Improved Flexibility and Freedom of Movement

The overall improvement you will likely see in your flexibility and general range of motion is another one of the biggest benefits of inversion table therapy. For certain conditions, the loss of flexibility is just as bad as the ongoing pain that these conditions will likely cause. Some examples of conditions that fall into this category include arthritis and discs related issues in the back area.

Unfortunately, traditional stretching exercises like yoga can sometimes cause undue pain for more severe cases. The reason for this is that your body is still exposed to the forces of gravity. These forces apply continuous pressure to your joints and other connective tissues.

However, inversion therapy is able to reduce or eliminate these effects that you cannot block normally. This gear leverages gravity to help stretch your body with only minimal effort from you. Over time, these gentle movements can help restore your range of motion naturally.

4. Reduce the Need for Complex Surgery

Some of the most debilitating chronic back pain conditions out there often result in expensive surgeries. These procedures carry real risks for the involved patients. Fortunately, inversion table therapy can often reduce or eliminate the need for surgery in many individuals. A prime example is a 2012 study. Its research showed that patients with advanced lumbar diseases were able to avoid surgery 76% of the time with inversion therapy.

The exact mechanism behind how inversion table therapy works is not clearly understood by most medical professionals. Many believe that it helps promote natural healing by allowing nutrients and other important materials to reach the pain site more effectively while inverted.

Other practitioners believe that it is likely due to the way that inversion tables apply a temporary reduction in stress levels to the target area. Either way, any non-invasive practice that can reduce or eliminate the need for complex surgeries is a win for consumers.

5. Flush out Toxins

One of the lesser known benefits of inversion table therapy is that it can help flush out toxins from within the body. Toxins naturally build up over time in your lymphatic system. Fortunately, your body is continuously working to help remove these toxins by expelling them. Your body can also convert them into harmless substances that are then broken down naturally.

However, certain inflammatory conditions can make it harder for your body’s natural processes to clean up these harmful chemicals. A prime example that is particularly common in the elderly population is arthritis. Due to the inflammation, circulation is restricted to joint areas, and toxins begin to build up.

Fortunately, inversion table therapy can relieve the pressure in these types of areas. As a result, it will help the body flush out the toxins where they are disposed of naturally.

6. Achieve Real Cost Savings

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Due to the nature of this treatment option, the real potential for long-term cost savings is another one of the best benefits of inversion table therapy. The primary reason for this is that medications have to be continually renewed and replaced for chronic conditions. Each year, drugs can cost consumers thousands of dollars in deductibles and medical bills for prescription renewals.

The cost for advanced treatment options like surgery is just as high. Often, intrusive procedures do not provide lasting relief either. However, an investment in a high-quality inversion table is a one-time thing that should last you several years with correct use. Just remember to stick with trusted brands and to make sure that the inversion table uses sturdy steel construction components.

7. Help with Digestion

The impact that inversion table therapy can potentially have on your digestion is another one of its lesser-known benefits. The reason for this is that your body has to fight gravity to help eliminate natural waste products and further process your consumed food.

The area that this most commonly occurs is located around the ileocecal valve where waste digested food moves from the small intestine to the large intestine. Just a few short bouts of inversion therapy can help naturally aid this process greatly.

In Conclusion

Overall, there are a wide variety of benefits of inversion table therapy. It is clear that many different types of individuals can benefit from these useful devices in their home for back pain relief, general wellness, and more. As long as you have consulted with your doctor first, consider trying this innovative treatment option out for yourself.

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