XtremepowerUS Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Review

A large number of organizations are now giving great emphasis on physical and mental fitness. Majority of the business enterprises ask the potential job applicants to get all the medical tests done in order to make sure that they are selecting a healthy person for their company. The trend of joining gym is also increasing day by day which is a very positive thing. You will be amazed to know that exercise provides solution to a wide range of not only physical but also mental issues so if medicines are not working for you then you must go for certain exercises.

Back pain is a very common physical health issue. Almost every other person complains this issue once or twice a month. This may be due to our busy life ad tough work routine which does not allows us to take rest properly. Now, you can get rid of this problem within a matter of days. What you need is XtremepowerUS Gravity Inversion Therapy Table. It is a great piece of machine that inverts our body at different angles. The selection of angle depends on the extent of your pain. Regular use of this table helps you to relieve pain permanently.

XtremepowerUS Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Overview:

Following are some of the interesting features and specifications of this inversion table that makes it best piece of equipment for curing back pain.

High Quality Material: This inversion table is made of very high quality material. Its frame is made of steel. This is what its manufacturer claims. In other words, this is durable as it has use life up to several years.

Smooth Finishing: It has an excellent finishing which makes it highly comfortable. Its fabric is very soft and smooth and it has very fine embroidered stitching.

Cushions Available: Majority of the people do not feel comfortable using inversion table due to lack of back and head support. An average inversion table just has an ankle support but the distinguishing feature of XtremepowerUS Gravity Inversion Therapy Table is that it not only offers neck but also waist support. It has a comfortable cushion which can be placed behind the neck for supporting purposes. In addition, you can keep your waist stable by using this cushion.

Has Customized Options: Unlike other inversion table, this system offer varying angle and positions for better results. You can move your body up to 180 degrees with this table.

More Capacity: Other inversion table having same price and features offer lesser capacity when it comes to weight and height but this is not the case with this table. Even the tallest person with height more than 6 foot can use this table. You can adjust the table according to your heights. In the same way, people having up to 250 pounds of weight can easily use it as it is made of tough and strong material.

Smooth Motion: My last inversion table did not have smooth motion. It sometimes even created jerks but this is not the case with XtremepowerUS Gravity Inversion Therapy Table. This table has very smooth motion which is yet another positive feature.

Good For Muscles: This table is not only good for joints but also for muscles. It relaxes our back muscles. This particularly helps in curing back pain fast.

Has Comfortable Pads:This table also has additional pads that make it even more comfortable.

Safe To Use: This table has a safe structure so there is no chance of falling down. Its lock system will keep it stationary and safety strap helps you to control the motion.

Storage Options: You can easily fold this table for storage purposes.

Pros And Cons of Using XtremepowerUS Gravity Inversion Therapy Tbale:


  • Safer
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used by everyone
  • Has advanced features
  • Highly effective in curing back pain
  • Decreases muscles stress
  • Well built
  • Light weighted
  •  Easy to move


  • Foot holders are not comfortable

What Customers Say About XtremepowerUS Gravity Inversion Therapy Table?

When I happened to read some of the reviews given by customers at Amazon then I got amazed by the fact that almost everyone liked this product. There was one person who told that he had back pain issue for the last 30 years and he tried everything for getting its cure but nothing worked except this inversion table. Most of the people were happy that they found this great product with advanced features at such a low price.


Based on customer reviews and my personal analysis, I recommend this product to everyone. This inversion table has everything that should be present in a good table. It is made of high quality material. It has greater capacity when it comes to height and weight and most importantly it is extra efficient in reducing back pain. So, do not waste your time in thinking. Just go and get it.

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