Elite Fitness Inversion Table – What It Is and How It Works?

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Inversion therapy is becoming more popular as an effective and safe way to treat minor to moderate cases of back pain. It requires that you use equipment that will allow you to slowly invert yourself up to an 180-degree angle.

Gravity boots, inversion chairs, and inversion tables are the most common choices of people who want to use this therapeutic approach to healing their back pain.

Out of the three options, many people choose inversion tables because they are safer to use and also provide more effective relief. The Elite Fitness inversion table is one of the top models for sale today and features a variety of functions designed to relieve back pain.

Elite Fitness Inversion Table Features & Functions

The Elite Fitness inversion table comes with an extra wide backboard designed to accommodate most body sizes and weights. Housed in a sturdy steel gauge triangular frame, the backboard comes with an adjustable head pillow and body straps that keep you safe and comfortable while you are inverted. The backboard is also designed to fit people who measure from 61 to 77 inches tall and weigh up to 300 pounds. It helps you improve your posture and increase blood flow throughout your body as well as relieve back pain and stress, muscle aches, and joint pressure.

The Elite Fitness inversion table actually offers you three different positions that you can choose from when you use it. It comes with a sturdy side inversion pin that lets you maneuver yourself while you are inverted and also upright yourself when you are finished using the table.

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Equipped with leg rollers that hold you steadily in place, the Elite Fitness inversion table also has a center rotational bar that prevents pinched nerves as you rotate up and down on the backboard. It also has a supportive lumbar pad that lets your body find its own center and elongates your spine to add more space in between your discs.

Finally, this table is easy to set up and start using right away. It comes with its own set of instructions that are included in the table’s packaging. The steel gauge frame folds up for easy storage when you are not using your Elite Fitness inversion table. The entire table measures 59 by 26 by 46 inches, making it compact and simple to store in a closet, shed, or garage when you are not using it.

Why Is the Elite Fitness Better than Other Inversion Tables?

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So what makes the Elite Fitness inversion table better than other inversion table choices on the market? The answer to that question could lie in the fact that the Elite Fitness table can accommodate up to 300 pounds and heights up to 77 inches. Some models of inversion tables can only tolerate up to 250 pounds, making them less sturdy and reliable than the Elite Fitness inversion table. Likewise, those same tables can only fit people who are under 63 inches tall.

Another quality that makes this table more attractive than others involves its competitive pricing. Retailers like Dick Sporting Goods and Academy sell the Elite Fitness table for around $180 or less. That price range is lower than the prices for tables sold online. Some inversion tables can sell for as much as $289 or higher. People who want the advantage of owning an inversion table without overspending their budgets may find it to be the better choice.

Finally, the Elite Fitness inversion table gets favorable reviews from users for offering three different inverted positions rather than a simple 180-degree movement. People with chronic back pain or pain that radiates from one side of their back to the other may not find the relief they want with a table that only moves up and down.

An inversion table that can move and pivot in several different positions lets back pain sufferers decide in what direction to angle themselves so that they realign and lengthen their spines to find faster relief. This design feature could also help those same individuals avoid having to take pain medications, undergo surgery, pay for chiropractic visits, or use other measures to experience relief from their discomfort.

Additional Benefits of the Elite Fitness Inversion Table

Until recently, the most prescribed methods of treating chronic back pain involved taking over-the-counter medications, undergoing surgery, or going through time-consuming and expensive chiropractic care. These options often took their toll on people’s physical, financial, and emotional well-being. However, the invention of inversion tables gave chronic back pain sufferers another option for remedying minor to moderate discomfort in their backs. These tables allow users to invert themselves into positions that lengthen their spines, put space between their discs, and center their bodies.

As these tables grow in availability and popularity, some back pain sufferers are finding it difficult to choose the best model for their physical needs and budget. The Elite Fitness inversion table has risen to the top of the list for being one of the best models on the market. Available for sale online and at retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods and Academy, this table has a number of unique design features that set it apart from its competition. It garners high marks with people for its ability to tolerate up to 300 pounds and users who are as tall as 6.5 feet.

Priced affordably under the $200 mark, this table is easy to set up and use in your home. It has a durable steel gauge frame that can fold up for fast storage. The backboard itself comes with ample cushions that are adjustable so that you get the best fit each time you use the table. When you suffer from frequent bouts of back pain, you could find the relief you need with an Elite Fitness inversion table.

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