Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table Review


Back pain is a serious health issue that has increased during the last few years. This may be due to unhealthy living habits. Computer and laptop has also contributed a lot to this issue. A large number of people these days perform different exercise to decrease back pain. There are special machines available in the market for this purpose. One such equipment is an inversion table. A large number of people have tried this table and the good thing is that almost all of them got permanent relief from back pain. There are thousands of inversion tables manufactured by different companies. One such company is Ironman that is known for its high quality products all over the globe. If you or any elder member of your family have back bone problem then you must buy Ironman LX300 Inversion table.

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table Review

Following are some of the things I came to know after doing an in-depth analysis and research on this table.

High Quality Material: Ironman always uses high quality material in its products that is strong and tough. This inversion table has a strong material for extra strength and durability.

Angle Adjustment Option: You can move this table up to 180 degrees. It offers customized angle adjustment options. You can easily increase or decrease the angle.

Decreases Force Of Gravity:Majority of the people are no aware of how an inversion table works. Ironman inversion table plays with the force of gravity to provide relief from back pain. When our body gets inverted on the table then stress or pressure decreases on our back. When we keep our body inverted for a few minutes then the pressures fully removes. This relaxes our muscles as a result of which we feel a significant decrease in back pain.

Stimulate Blood Flow: In addition to curing back pain, this inversion table also stimulates the flow of blood which is good for our health. People with high blood pressure may have issues as there may be a slight increase in blood pressure after using this table but it is normal.

Safety Guaranteed:Safety is the major concern for almost all the people when it comes to inversion table. This is because our body moves upside down on the table and if unluckily we fall down then it can lead to severe injury. The manufacturer of Ironman has kept in mind this issue while designing this table. This table has angle control system that allows you to control the motion of table. In addition, it has ankle cushion that are basically used to keep your body stationary when inverted.

Good Package: If we compare the benefits and feature this inversion table offers with its price then we will certainly reach to a conclusion that this is a very good package. The price of this inversion table to the day is just $112 which is less compared to other inversion tables that are offering almost same features in more than $200.

Easy To Use: There is no rocket science in this table so everyone can use it easily. This table is not only good for youngsters and adults but also for older people.

Extra Capacity: It also has extra weight capacity. This table can easily bear weight up to 275 pounds which means more than 115 KG.

Good For Routine Workouts: This table not only offer relief from back stress but you can also use it for performing different workouts.

Has Backrest: Unlike most other inversion tables, Ironman LX300 has a vinyl covered backrest so that you can easily keep your head on it while using the table.

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table Review: Pros and Cons


  • Has reasonable price
  • Good for everyone irrespective of height and weight
  • Easy to install
  • Provides guarantee
  • Highly comfortable
  • Safe to use


  • Cannot be folded properly
  • User manual is not helpful

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table Reviews by Customers

Ironman is one of those very few inversion tables that gained popularity in a very short period of time. People simply love it not only for its features but also for its price. A large number of people became emotional while sharing their experience as this table gave them relief from chronic back pain. A few people pointed out some minor issues but they were also satisfied with the results.


You have yourself checked the features and benefits as well as drawback of this table so I do not think there is any need to tell you anymore what is right and what is wrong. I will just say one thing. This inversion table is best as far as its features are concerned compared to other inversion tables available in the market. If you still have any doubts then you may read customer reviews and expert reviews yourself. This will make it easier for you in taking the right decision.

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