Body Extreme Fitness Inversion Table Review

Every 3 out of 5 people suffer from back pain and the worst thing is that most of them are bearing this pain from last several years. You will be amazed to know that there is no permanent solution for this problem in medical sciences. Doctors usually suggest therapy or pain killers but both of them relieve pain just for few hours. Thanks to Ironman and other similar companies that stepped forward by introducing an inversion table in the market.

Majority of the people considers an inversion table an exercise machines but it is much more than that. The manufacturers of this great product claims that its regular use moves the discs to their original place making the back bone aligned. It offers various angles and postures which helps in back pain. Ironman, a well-known company has offered several models of inversion table each having its own unique features. This time, it has come up with Body Extreme Fitness Inversion Table. This table is relatively better than other models as it offer extra features and more benefits.

Body Extreme Fitness Inversion Table Overview

You may first get an overview of all the features and specification of this inversion table before buying it. Following is detailed overview of this product.

Inverting Grips: Its inverting grips are note out much better then then those present in other tables. They are made of soft material so that you can have good grip on them. These grips play an important role is workouts as they allow you to stretch your body up to its maximum without any fear or losing balance.

Has 10 Different Angle: An average inversion can offer up to just 3 positions but this is much more than average as it offers not 3 but 10 different angles. This means that you can move your body up to 10 different positions. You can move your body upside down on it.Greater angles mean more effectiveness and faster results. This feature makes this inversion table much better than other conventional tables.

Smoot Motion: It is very important to check the motion of inversion table before buying it. The major benefit of Bodt Extreme Fitness Inversion Table is that it offers smooth motion. You can easily switch from one angle to the other while being inverted. It means you do not need to come back to original position for switching to higher positions.

Ankle Adjustments: This inversion table also offers ankle adjustment to add more security. Its scale locking system keeps the ankles fixed at their place in order to maintain the balance of body during inversion.

Efficient Locking System:It has an efficient locking system that keeps the table stationary when it is not in use.

Come With Side Holder: There is a side holder present on the left side of this inversion table for keeping any items like mobile phone, remote control etc. while your body is being inverted.

Good For AB workouts: You can also perform a wide range of AB workouts on this inversion table. So, keeping the abdomen in shape will not be an issue for you. This is an additional feature that will help you to remain physically fit and smart.

Decreases Back Stress: This inversion table removes back pain by decreasing back stress. It keeps the joints align and it also relaxes our back muscles.

Increases Blood Circulation: Another interesting feature of this inversion table is that it increases blood circulation. Our heart stimulates the flow of blood when we are inverting.

Weight Capacity up to 300 Pounds:The weight capacity of this inversion table is relatively higher than other tables. Other tables having same price and features have 250 pounds weight limit but it has a weight capacity up to 300 pounds.

Pros And Cons of Using Body Extreme Fitness Inversion Table


  • easy to assemble
  • manual is helpful
  • easy to use
  • effective in curing back pain
  • greater weight capacity
  • safe to use


  • Ankle adjustments are not comfortable
  • Bit expensive
  • Locking system sometimes stops working

What Customers Say About Body Extreme Fitness Inversion Table

The best way to find the benefits as well as drawbacks of any product is reading its customer reviews and this exactly what I did. This inversion table received 4.3 scores out of 5 at Amazon which is good. Customers showed their satisfaction with the table as they felt a significant decrease in back pain. People found it to be safe, efficient and well built. Overall, this product received quite positive feedback compared to various other brands of inversion tables.


I have provided you with all the information whether positive or negative about this product honestly. Now, it depends on you what decision you take. You may compare the features of this table with other tables for your own assurance.

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