Merax Massage Inversion Table

Merax Massage Inversion Table

As any long-time sufferer of back pain can attest, the effects of living with it day to day place a tremendous strain on your life such as:

  • Limited mobility
  • Restless nights or an altogether inability to sleep
  • Irritability
  • Increased stress
  • Negative impact on your relationships
Merax Massage Inversion Table
  • Back Pain

Yes, back pain is more than just a kink in your spine or a tear in a muscle. It has a negative impact on almost every aspect of your life. If left untreated, the next step is medications or invasive surgeries. Both of these options, while potentially helpful in some circumstances are fraught with their own complications.

Medications many times will leave you in a drug-induced haze, but do so without entirely eliminating pain. Also, the risks of surgery and endless hours of physical therapy are no guarantee either and can create issues unrelated to the original back pain. Quality of life concerns can continue to plague someone well after a procedure.

Thankfully, a centuries-old treatment is becoming new again—inversion therapy. And Merax is mixing the technology of today with the treatment of old to help relieve people of debilitating back pain.

What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is a way to flip the script, so to speak, on the forces that weigh on your spine.  When we stand upright, gravity pulls downward on our bodies. For the most part, this does little harm to us as a whole, but with our spines, it’s a different story. This pull can work to compress the discs, vertebrae, and nerves in our spinal column.

Inversion therapy works by reversing this gravitational pull. By hanging upside down, the inversion promotes decompression of the spine, allowing it to be temporarily lengthened and in turn relieving pressure on the condensed spinal structures.

Beyond the positive impact on your spine, inversion therapy also helps to relax back muscles and reduce tension, promote blood circulation, and even help to strengthen your core.

How Does the Merax Massage Table Work?



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The Merax massage inversion table is designed to place you in an optimal inverted position to get the most out of the reversed gravitational pull.

Thick, high-density foam supports your back with a design that can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and provide comfort to anyone ranging in height from 4’ 10” to 6’ 3”.

The Massage Table

While a lot of back pain sufferers need the benefits of inversion, the thought of hanging upside down may not be a comforting prospect to everyone. The good news is that you do not necessarily need to hang wholly inverted for the therapy to work effectively. The folks at Merax certainly understand this.

The merax massage table also has a full range of motion that allows it to invert to an angle that is most comfortable to each individual’s specific needs. It’s not necessarily a huge revelation, but it does allow the table a lot of flexibility for whoever may be using it.


As we mentioned, inversion therapy is not a new treatment for back pain. However, the modern day equipment used for inversion is anything but old. The Merax inversion table comes with a lot of features and comforts that can benefit more than just those who suffer from back ailments.


For inversion tables of any kind to be effective, they need to be solidly built. The Merax has that part of the equation well-covered.

Constructed with a steel tube frame the unit itself weighs a little over 60 pounds and stands almost five feet tall and a couple of feet wide. Although a significant piece of equipment when in use, the Merax massage table does fold up for storage and has two wheels at its base to make transporting it a breeze.

Whereas more petit individuals may feel overwhelmed when first using the table, that concern will quickly subside as the equipment does make you feel secure. Conversely, for users that are at the top end of the table’s thresholds, you won’t feel like you’re about to fall or tip over due to that same level of soundness.


Though an expected feature on the majority of inversion boards (yes, some are simply boards), the padding on the Merax table is first class and perhaps its best and most underrated feature.

As we mentioned earlier, the padding is thick. It’s a high-density foam that performs the dual task of providing both comfort and support.


It would be easy to group this and the padding together, but the easily adjustable backrest deserves its own mention.

The design of the backrest takes the Merax to a different level versus most other options on the market.  An ergonomically shaped cut allows the user to feel that the back piece was made specifically for backs (as opposed to the conventional rectangular shape of other tables).

Odd as that is to say, most other inversion tables resemble colorful slabs. And while most contain sufficient support, you can’t escape the feeling that what should be the most critical part of the table was an afterthought.

The Merax Design

The Merax, on the other hand, resembles the seat from a high-end sports car. That certainly doesn’t hurt the impression that Merax spent a bit more time getting their design right.

The backrest does very well to mimic that generous, luxury-like feel of sliding into a high-performance vehicle. You feel like you’re about to be swallowed up in comfort even before you lay on the table.

Ankle Brace

Another feature that separates the merax massage table from its competitors is the ankle braces and how you secure yourself in the apparatus.

A lot of tables have traditional bracket-like braces that fit and secure around the ankle. Effective at keeping you locked in, they are not always the most comfortable method. The Merax table replaces these brackets with adjustable, heavy-duty foam rollers.

Locking your ankles between the thick, cylindrical pads provides you the same level of security, but allows a little more give and a lot more cushion. The added comfort is appreciated, especially if you plan on spending more than five minutes on the table.


Almost all quality inversion tables will have grips to help enhance the stretching ability provided by the apparatus. Unfortunately, the placement of the grips can be problematic depending on the user.

Fortunately, the Merax inversion table doesn’t have the placement issue. The padded grips are attached to the primary support section with the central portion of the handles alway within reach even as the backrest is adjusted.

This design means that from the shortest user to the tallest, anyone can utilize the grips to get the most out of their inversion session.

Massage And Heating

Perhaps saving the best feature for last, Merax’s inversion table comes with a removable heating and massage pad that further adds to the table's effectiveness in treating back issues.

The pad covers the length of your spine and few extra inches on either side. There are multiple settings for the massage function including three for intensity and two modes that separate out your upper and lower back or allow it to be massaged all at once.


  • Merax inversion table comes with a lot of features and comforts that can benefit more than just those who suffer from back ailments.
  • Padding is thick. It’s a high-density foam that performs the dual task of providing both comfort and support.
  • Heating and massage pad that further adds to the table's effectiveness in treating back issues.


  • Hanging upside down may not be a comforting prospect to everyone.
  • Heating and massage pad further adds to the table's effectiveness in treating back issues.

More Than Just Pain Relief

We’ve spoken a lot about what the Merax message table can do for helping to alleviate back pain, but what about other uses. We did make a small mention earlier about benefits, but let's explore those further.


Reduction of stress is an essential factor in our daily health but is often overlooked or worse, completely disregarded. Just 15 to 20 minutes a day on the Merax table can ease the build-up of tension in our muscles and allow us enough time to decompress.

After all, when we reduce our stress levels, we are promoting a better immune system, increased energy and production, and improving our longevity.


Time spent on an inversion table also helps increase blood circulation. Improved circulation means more oxygen to our brains and other vital organs and better cell growth.

From a health and beauty standpoint, enhancing our blood's circulation can also give you healthier skin. It's hard to discount something that makes you feel and look better.


It’s fairly common knowledge that stretching can increase flexibility. An inversion table helps you max out your stretching ability by having gravity work for you instead of against you. Why is this important?

Improving your ease of movement will vastly reduce your risk of injury regardless of the activities in which you engage. Not only that but being more flexible increases mobility and can develop a better physical performance for the more active among us.


Apart from the pain relief and above benefits, you can also utilize the Merax inversion table for exercises.

Many inversion tables on the market today are very limited in their scope and are tailored towards a specific segment of consumer. The Merax table has ensured all body types can use its design and that the vast majority of families can utilize one table without needing to make additional purchases.

Though somewhat limited in the total number of exercises, any movement is better than none and the ones you can do on the table can result in a vastly improved core. The different exercises include crunches and sit-ups, back extension work, and a version of squats for your hamstrings.

Exercise On An Inversion Table

We want to note that before performing any exercise on an inversion table.  You should consult your owners manual (and of course your doctor). Inversion tables are not replacements for a complete workout regimen.

However, if your space is limited for conventional exercise equipment. You need the back pain reduction element of the inversion table. It’s nice to know that it can serve multiple purposes within your home.

Drawbacks and Limitations

The Merax Massage Inversion Table is an excellent therapeutic device that has a lot of significant benefits. Though there are many positives, it also comes with a few negatives that should also be noted.

The first item we’ll touch on isn’t necessarily a knock against the Merax table itself, but a significant note on what you should and should not expect.

Inversion tables are not a cure-all for every back ailment that exists, the Merax table included. We suggest a dialogue with your doctor before starting any back pain regimen. Inversion therapy is not for everyone.

In some cases can make a back condition worse instead of helping to improve it.

Merax Massage Inversion Table

nversion tables though have been proven to give a lot of pain sufferers’ relief. Doing some research and finding out how they can help you should be part of any pre-purchase efforts.

Now, in regards to the specific concerns with Merax table. Other users have reported that assembly can be difficult. The user guide is not as clear as it should be.

Others mentioned that some parts would benefit from being made of higher-grade materials.

Heating And Massage Pad

A few complaints have also arisen regarding the removable heating and massage pad. While many users report it as a nice addition. At some degree is useful, the pad could be more robust.

Limited settings and a heating element that struggles to get above lukewarm. These are the most common complaints, albeit few and far between.

Overall, the majority of people who have used the Merax inversion table. They have reported no significant concerns and continue to enjoy its therapeutic benefits.


Back pain is a serious condition that creates havoc in a number of ways. Not just for the person suffering from constant discomfort.

Even though advancements in modern medicine have helped. Looking for other means to relieve pressure on your back is never a bad idea.

As you consider your next pain relief treatment, The Merax Massage Inversion Table should be top of that list. As it is a well-designed, modern piece of equipment that taps into a viable, centuries-old pain relief remedy. The overall benefits of improved health and greater well being should make investing in one a natural choice.

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