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We are all aware of the fact that excess of everything is bad but still we do everything in excess especially when it comes to using laptops, computers, video games and television. Some people use laptops for the sake of work but most of us use it solely for the purpose of entertainment. Youngsters spend whole nights in front of laptops and video games. Afterwards, they complain about back pain. Our back just like all other body parts need rest so that the back muscles can get relaxed. Standing or sitting in the same position for a long time period results in back pain. The strange thing is that if you do not change your sitting habits then this pain will become permanent. Though, use of medicines can decrease the pain yet it offers temporary relief.

Some people go for therapies and back massage but these things suppress the pain just for few hours instead of resolving the problem. So, if you or any of your loved ones have chronic back pain then it is highly suggested using Invertio Inversion Table. There is no harm giving it a try. You will definitely feel better after using it and you know what? The regular use of this table can help you to get rid of this pain permanently.

Invertio Inversion Table Overview:

The features, specifications and benefits of this inversion table as per told by the manufacturer are highlighted below.

Cure Back Pain: The major purpose of this inversion table is to cure back pain and it is highly successfully in achieving this purpose. This inversion table offer different angles and motions. You can select the angle according to your convenience. It is usually suggested starting with lower angle and moving towards the higher one with the passage of time.

Maintain muscles health: When our back muscles are stressed and tensed then they give signal of pain to the brain. This pain actually tells us that there is something wrong with our back muscles. The regular use of this inversion table maintains muscles health by decreasing muscle stress. This table in other words, relaxes our muscles which makes us feel good.

Increases Blood Flow: When our body is upside down then the flow of blood will automatically be stimulated. Increase in blood flow is very good for not only our back but also for our health.

Increase Flexibility: Majority of the people use this inversion table for increasing the flexibility of their body as this table offers several workouts that improves our wellbeing and makes body flexible.

Overcome The Effects of Aging: It is strongly believed that this inversion table overcomes the effects of aging that are results of gravity. This is why doctors and physicians highly recommend this table to elderly people as this table will align their spine. The main purpose of inverting the body is to decrease the effect of gravity on the back bone.

Weight Limit Up to 300 LB:Pro Deluxe Folding Fitness Inversion Table has a weight limit up to 300 LB which means people having weight up to 136 KG can use this table.

Easily Gets Fold: Most of the inversion tables cannot be folded which makes them difficult to store but this particular table can be folded. This is another plus point.

 180 Degree Motion:Pro Deluxe Folding Fitness Inversion Table offers 180 degree motion which means that you can move your body upside down.

Has Ankle Cups: Ankle cups provide extra security during motion.

Pros And Cons of Using Invertio Inversion Table:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a video manual for user guide
  • Cheap
  • Good quality
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use


  • Plastic molded parts are of poor quality

What Customers Say About Pro Deluxe Folding Fitness Inversion Table?

This inversion table received a very good feedback score from most of its customers. People particularly liked the features it offers at highly reasonable price. A few people had some issues but they were mostly due to shipping error not due to the table itself. Most importantly, all the customers were convinced about the extraordinary ability it has when it comes to curing back pain. Some people also appreciated its safety features and its lock system. Customers find it highly comfortable. Overall, this product got positive feedback from their customer which is a clear proof of its effectiveness.


After reading the customer reviews, analyzing the product features, checking its price and comparing its specifications with other brands and models of inversion table, I have reached to this very conclusion that it is one of the best inversion tables available in the market. I give my high recommendations to this product as it is highly efficient in cuing back pain. In addition, it offers different workouts as well.

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