The Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Table: Everything You Need To Know

Man lying on his back on the stamina inline seated inversion table

The market is flooded with inversion therapy related products and equipment. Learn about the Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Table and why it is so superior and well loved. Stop your search for the best inversion chair today.

The Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Table

Stamina inline seated inversion table. A popular piece of inversion therapy equipment.

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The Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Table falls under the category of inversion chairs. Currently, it is practically the most popular inversion chair on the market. Unlike the standard invert tables, the Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Table allows its user to sit comfortably and operate the equipment more efficiently than ever before.

If you suffer from chronic pain or discomfort, then an Inversion chair might be the cure you’ve been looking for all along. The Stamina Inline Seated Inversion table in particular. Let gravity squeeze the pain from your body, with one of these fantastic inversion chairs. An affordable price-range, a high level of comfortability, and a wide set of features and functions make the Stamina inversion table one of the best.

Features and functions

Everything from operating to getting on and off of the Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Table is super simple. This inversion chair is ideal for people who are limited in mobility. The seats are covered in high-quality cushions that are as easy to clean as they are to set or lay on. The cushions of these inversion chairs also act as support for the lumbar system in your back. Even the handlebars are padded.

The safety features of the Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Table include an adjustable lap belt, padded ankle support, and a leg-locking system with a built-in ratcheting mechanism and easy to use release-button. This inversion chair also comes with preinstalled rubber stoppers on its legs. To help avoid the equipment from sliding around as well as to protect the floor from scuff marks.

Stamina Inline Inversion Chair. A man snapping his safety belt on the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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This inversion chair comes with several different options for adjustments as well. Including adjustment straps for the inversion angle, a quick-adjust foot bar to control the height of the equipment, and more!


  • Padded support
  • Built-in cushions
  • Has safety belt
  • Totaly adjustable
  • Skid-resistant equipment
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Affordable price tag
  • Comes with warranty


  • Is not a full-sized inversion table
  • Only ships to 48 states
  • Inverts up to 70 percent much as a regular invert table

Health Benefits of Inversion Chairs

Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Chair. Side view of a man seated in the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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The positive health benefits of regularly using inversion chairs are much more than just essential. An inversion chair is an incredibly diverse piece of equipment for promoting a generally healthy body. If your willing to put your feet above your head, and dangle from various angles, you are in turn rewarded with excellent health benefits.

Inversion therapy has used for centuries upon centuries. Archaeologists have even speculated that cave dwellers from the stoneage may have been practicing inversion therapy. Inversion chairs make what people have been doing for thousands of years easier, safer, and more beneficial than ever. The following list is an overview of the main health benefits of inversion chairs.


Inversion chairs are well-known for relieving back pain. They are also capable of actually reversing and curing pain in the back as well as other areas such as knees, hips, elbows, neck and more. Symptoms associated with sciatica and scoliosis are also manageable with use of inversion chairs.

Physical fitness

The physical benefits to your health while regularly using an inversion chair include better joint health, superior flexibility, and improved posture. Better sleep, increased energy, stronger ligaments, and muscles as well as a properly aligned spine. The physical fitness health benefits of inversion chairs like the stamina inline seated inversion table are profound.

Mental Fitness

Inversion therapy via inversion chairs promotes even more mental benefits than other forms of inversion tables. Part of the reason behind this fact is that inversion chairs are much more comfortable to use. An inversion chair also provides a higher peace of mind while operating the equipment. Stay mentally fit, reduce stress, raise focus, and boost creativity all while fight depression or mood swings.

Lung function and breathing

Inversion chairs improve your breathing and lung function on many levels. Circulation and heart functions are developed. Sinus regulation and overall breathing are made more comfortable and easy. Oxygen levels introduced into the bloodstream and the brain by the stamina inline seated inversion chair is also increased.

Digestive and immune

Aside from acting as a boost to the entire immune system, the inversion therapy possible through the stamina inline seated inversion table actively contributes to both a healthy digestive and immune system. Regular use of an inversion chair also helps to rejuvenate various organs vital to your health, including stomach, lungs, and lymph nodes.

Additional benefits

Overall, the health benefits of inversion chairs, like the stamina inline seated inversion system, are tremendous. An additional benefit of inversion therapy is the anti-aging effect. Believe it or not, inversion chairs and other inversion therapy equipment fight the aging impact of your appearance.

Inversion Chairs vs. Inversion Tables

Stamina Inline Inversion Table. An inverted man on the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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The Inversion therapy industry currently relies on two main types of equipment. Chairs and tables. Standard inversion tables allow for 30% more inversion, but require more strain to the user’s ankles, wrists, and neck. Inversion chairs, on the other hand, offer far more comfort, less physical stress, and 70 percent of the inversion rate allowed by tables.

Inversion chairs also come with more cushioning, superior safety features that are typically padded, and are just all around much more comfortable to operate. Another added benefit to using an inversion chair over an inversion table is that there is less stress to the ankles, knees, and hips as well as less pressure behind the eyes.

Things to Consider When Buying an Inversion Chair

Whether thinking of purchasing an inversion chair for physical or mental therapy, to fight aches and pains in your body, or promote better lung function, there are several factors to consider. Before deciding on a final purchasing decision, be sure to thoroughly consider the following.

Safety features

Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Chair. A close up of the padded ankle locks on the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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First and foremost, safety matters. The range of safety features should be broad enough to match all of your unique requirements. Feeling safe while performing inversion therapy is needed for achieving optimal results. Look at safety belts, ankle locks, and stability of the equipment. Be sure to research or inquire about other desired safety features before purchasing an inversion chair.

Ease of operating

Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Chair. A man lying on his back on the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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If you can test an inversion chair before purchasing, it is a great benefit to you. Finding an inversion chair that is easy to use is an essential aspect of your purchasing decision. The more natural to operate, the safer you’ll be and the more comfortable you’ll feel.


Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Chair. A close up of the cushion and padded arm bars on the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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Safety features and ease of operating are extra important because they play into your overall satisfaction with your inversion chair. Look closely at what cushioning for your back and rear each inversion chair offers. Also, pay attention to whether or not the inversion chair comes with padded ankle restraints and armbars.


Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Chair. A close-up of the adjust-ability features of the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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The adjustability level of inversion chairs is another critical aspect to consider pre-purchase. Height, inversion angles, and even comfort features are all adjustable. However, some inversion chairs are capable of far more adjusting than others. Be sure to consider these differences.


Stamina Inline Seated Inversion Chair. A front view of the stamina inline seated inversion table.

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The design, as well as the actual materials used to construct an inversion chair, is crucial to establishing its worth. Consider which sort of metals and other materials each inversion chair is built from, as well as what its cushions and padding consist of. This also includes the quality of the motor, if the chair is equipped with one.


Last, but surely not least, is the price. Depending on your budget, you may have some particular price range that you need to stick with. Inversion chairs range from just under a couple hundred dollars to several hundred. Take care to compare features, functions, and other desired capabilities, between all inversion chairs you are considering, including the stamina inline seated inversion table, before making a final purchasing decision.

Why You Should Consider Buying an Inversion Chair

Purchasing an inversion chair for inversion therapy will change your life. Not only curing back pain and promoting better health but also enabling you to feel and look better than ever. If you are interested in slowing natures reaction to aging and gaining increased mental abilities as well. The stamina inline seated inversion table may be just what you are seeking.

Buying and regularly using an inversion table allows you to escape costly back surgeries, stop taking harmful medicines full of side effects, and altogether feel better about yourself. Regain control of your health and become a stronger version of your self. Purchase a stamina inline seated inversion table!


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