Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table Review

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If you suffer from chronic back pain, you have likely tried every trick and tool that you could find. One solution that does not receive much attention is inversion table therapy. Inversion therapy has numerous benefits, and many users have found relief from their chronic back pain thanks to this method.

However, inversion tables are not available at many gyms. Since you should use an inversion table frequently, you should consider purchasing your own. You cannot put a price tag on relieving your lower back pain, meaning an inversion table could be an investment well worth it. If you’re interested in purchasing an inversion table for your home, start by checking out the Teeter EP-960.

Why are Inversion Tables Beneficial?

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Before deciding if the Teeter EP-960 is the best inversion table for you, it’s better to have an understanding of the purposes that inversion tables serve and the benefits they offer. To begin, you should know that inversion tables are devices that suspend you upside down. Doing so can help elongate your spine, as gravity pulls down on compressed discs and tight muscles.

If you suffer from any of the following, you may want to consider using an inversion table:

One study shows that people who engaged in inversion therapy for eight weeks at ten minutes per day were able to reduce their back pain. Many consider inversion tables to be a valuable component of treatment for lower back pain because of how they encourage stretching, flexibility, and mobility. Another study shows that inversion therapy is an effective way to reduce compression.

It’s important to remember that back problems can be complicated and that you should not expect immediate results after using an inversion table for one time. The table can be a part of our entire back pain relief program. Like any stretching technique, you’ll need to use the device multiple times per day before you begin to see results. The method requires patience and dedication for it to work correctly.

What is the Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table and How Does It Work?

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The Teeter EP-960 is an inversion table is to help provide back pain relief. Teeter is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to relieving back pain, they provide quality products and service since 1981.

Adjust the table to its proper height

The key to explaining how the EP-960 Inversion Table works are in this video. Users adjust the table so that it is the proper height. Then, they load themselves onto the table, strapping themselves in so that they do not fall out. Once secure, users use a handle to push themselves upside down. The table sits on a swivel-like device that allows the table to move freely.

The handlebar features

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The table also features numerous handlebars that allow users to stretch while inverted. The company says that this provides a deeper stretch than you’d find if you were to pull while standing. The table also allows the discs in your back to decompress, reducing nerve pressure and allowing them to refill themselves with lubricating fluid.

As orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Tontz describes in the video, the discs in our back are like shock absorbers on our car. Tontz says that typically, they can only “self-correct” themselves at night when we receive adequate sleep. The EP-960 allows users to correct the back the same way it would fix itself at night, but at any time of the day. Meaning, you don’t need to go to sleep earlier to feel better.

Use the inversion table regularly

The company recommends using the inversion table a few times per week, with each session on the table lasting two to three minutes. They also suggest using the table at different angles so that you can stretch different muscle groups.

When you have finished your session on the EP-960, you can grab the bars located near your head and hoist yourself back up to the starting position, where you can then unbuckle yourself. The table’s design allows it to stay in place even when you are inverted. Your hands can be above your head without worrying about the table rotating upwards. You also do not need two people to operate the table.

Teeter has designed the table for users ranging from 4’8” to 6’6”. There is a weight limit of 300 pounds when using the EP-960 Inversion Table.

The Teeter EP-960  Inversion Table Review: What Makes It Unique?

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Cleared by the FDA

Teeter Inversion Tables are unique because they are the only inversion tables cleared by the Food and Drug Administration as a Class I Medical Device. This means that users are at minimum risk for harm when operating the device. It also means that their design is simpler and easier to understand than Class II and Class III devices.

Additionally, Teeter inversion tables come with labels representing their 35 Years of Quality and their Underwriter Laboratories Certification. The tables have been subject to voluntary compliance and testing regulations and have been independently-certified for quality. When compared to other inversion tables, they are much better for endurance, rotation control, and ease of assembly.

Reduced the need for surgery by 70%

Teeter’s website indicates that those who used their device three times per week for a month did not require surgery for their back pain nearly as often as those who did not use a Teeter inversion table. In fact, the EP-960 reduced the need for surgery by over 70%.

Teeter tables feature a unique design called “Progressive Decompression.” Think about the body weight that compresses the discs in your back while you are standing upright. Now imagine a flipping upside down, and having the same amount of body weight decompressing your discs. It’s likely easy to imagine the relief you would feel when this happened.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

The EP-960 Inversion Table also provides relief without you having to leave the comfort of your home or office. The inversion table is a much more cost-effective solution than having to leave your place of work to go to the chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncturist. You will not have to take any pills or even sweat while using this inversion table. The convenience is next-to-none.

The EP-960 comes with ankle lock handles so that you can quickly secure yourself into the table. The ankle-lock extends so that it is easier for you to get in and out of the table, a feature that users did not see in EP-560 and EP-560 Limited models.

It also comes with pre-set markings so that you can see the angle to which you’re stretching. The table has specially-designed Stretch Max handles so that you can get the most out of your stretch while inverted.

Build In Quality

The table is built using heavy-grade steel parts. This can provide you peace of mind while you are rotated upside down, as you can rest assured that the device won’t break and that you won’t end up falling on your head. The inversion table also comes with auto-locking hinges and specialized pivot bearings.

✓ Pricing

You can purchase the Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table on Amazon for about $400. As mentioned, this price pales in comparison to the cost of having to take routine trips to doctors and specialists. The table is available for the same price at Walmart, Dick’s, and Target. If you purchase the product from Amazon, the product will come with a Full Five-Year Warranty.

Unfortunately, this model is not available from the company’s website directly. This is a disappointment because the company offers a ten-year warranty when ordering from them directly, in addition to a 60-day money-back guarantee. They also allow you to try the product in your home for 30 days for the small cost of $14.95. Click here to read the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd Inversion Table Review


Product is quite heavy 

Lastly, it is easy to put the table together. You can complete the assembly process in as little as five steps. When you are finished using your inversion table, it is easy to pack away and store for future use. You can fold the inversion table together in a matter of seconds.



Our Rating

Great Quality


Public Perception and Reviews

There are many reviews online for the EP-960 Inversion Table. Dr. Tontz elaborates on his original description of the table, going as far as to say that using a Teeter table every day is a great way to help get your back into shape. There are more than three million people who use Teeter tables.

Reviews on the company website indicate that users were delighted with their inversion tables. A common theme across the reports was that the tables were effective in increasing mobility and flexibility, as well as decreasing pain. Many customer reviews said that they felt rejuvenated and that a healthy back made them feel more energized, making physical activity significantly easier.

Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon​​​​

Furthermore, the product as a 4.6-star review on Amazon with more than 600 customer reviews. The product has earned an “Amazon’s Choice” label for inversion tables. Of the reviews on Amazon, over 80% of them rated the product five stars. Reviewers ranged in age and gender, but even medical physicians reviewed the product to indicate how much success they found when using it.

Rated 4.8/5 on Walmart

The product earns a 4.8-star review on WalMart.com with 80 customer reviews. 67 of those 80 reviews give the product five stars. Discussions on the website were very similar to those found on Amazon. Customers were impressed with the product’s design and durability, remarking that the table was very sturdy and built to last.

How it Compares

When it comes to inversion tables, there are dozens of models available. However, the Teeter EP-960 is continually ranked as one of the best on the market today. You’ll likely find that Teeter inversion tables are more expensive than other brands. For example, you can find the Innova ITX9600 on Amazon for about a quarter of the price of a Teeter table.

Teeter Inversion Tables stand heads above the rest when it comes to product design and structure. You can tell that the company genuinely cares about their customers, which is why they invest so heavily in product research and design. There are no other inversion table companies who have been operating for nearly four decades or who voluntarily test their products to more rigorous standards than needed.

There are also no other inversion tables which have received a Class I certification from the FDA. The EP-960 Inversion Table may be a bit more expensive than other models on the market, but the assurance is you have a quality product that can be used daily for years.

What We Think

When it comes to inversion tables, there is no better brand that Teeter. The EP-960 Inversion Table is just another example of the consistency and reliability you’ll find when purchasing Teeter products. When we review this product, we are very impressed with its design and structure. You can tell the product is quality and will last. At no time did we feel unsafe when using this inversion table.

Great Relief for Back Pain

Results will, of course, vary when using an inversion table, but members of our team who tried the product found relief for their back pain. They appreciated the extra-long bars that allowed them to open up their discs and get a more in-depth stretch in their back.

However, we do wish the product was still available from Teeter’s website directly. We feel that the EP-960 Inversion Table is a better option than the EP-560 Inversion Table offered on Teeter’s site. Although the five-year warranty and free shipping from Amazon and WalMart are nothing to scoff at, it’d be better if you received a ten-year warranty and free accessories.

Coupon and Deals

Unfortunately, because this table is not available from Teeter’s website directly, you miss out on many of the deals offered by the company. However, if you purchase the product from Amazon or WalMart, you will receive free shipping.

Amazon also offers the EP-960 Limited model, which comes with a vibrating cushion to help further stimulate blood flow and relieve tension in your back. You can purchase this model on Amazon for about $25 more than the original EP-960 model.

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