exercising on an inversion table

Back pain is a prevalent problem that can affect anyone in the world, no matter who they are or what they do. Usually, the pain resides in a person’s upper, middle or lower back, and is mostly due to muscle stress or excessive pressure on the back muscles and spine. Where there is back pain, there is (or at least should be) an inversion table. Inversion tables are great pieces of equipment, widely used for curing back pain. However, the majority of consumers are still not aware of the benefits inversion tables offer.

Inversion Tables– An Overview

Before revealing the extraordinary benefits of inversion tables, we must first briefly introduce this great product to you. An inversion table is an exercise machine specially designed for supporting our back and improving our body posture. The name comes from the inversion of your body, which means hanging upside down from the ankle instead of right side up, as we continuously are almost always. An inversion table can invert the body at several angles, from 20 degrees up to 180 degrees. This releases the pressure present on the spine. As a result of this, the user feels relief from pain.

Health Benefits of Using Inversion Table

Inversion therapy has been used in different cultures and societies for curing back pain. Back pain can be caused by a variety of problems, from sciatic nerve pinching, muscle spasms, herniated discs, or just age. The simplest, most common household method to relieve back pain is the use of an inversion table, which balances the weight on both its sides and then inverts the body upside down. Following are some exciting benefits of using an inversion table.

1. Faster, and Potentially Permanent Relief from Pain

The major benefit of inversion tables is that they relieve back pain very quickly. You will feel a significant decrease in pain within a few minutes of inverting yourself. If you use your table regularly, then the pain will sometimes disappear forever, according to pleased customers.

2. Relaxes Back Muscles

Another great benefit of this simple piece of equipment is that it relaxes the back muscles. Back muscle tension is widespread amongst young adults to the elderly, because of the way we humans tend to sit. When we slouch, or we don’t practice good posture,  our backs take the brunt of the problem. An inversion therapy table will stretch out and lightly massage our backs, giving us the much-needed relief we seek. This happens due to the inversion motion. When the body is inverted, the flow of blood increases towards all body parts. This in result provides relief from muscles stress.

3. Improves and Maintains Posture Naturally

You will be amazed to know that regular use of an inversion therapy table aligns our spine and places the discs in their right position. Also, it improves our posture naturally. This means that there is no need to go for any surgery for your spine; all you have to do is lie down on your inversion table for a few minutes every day to experience the pain relief and health benefits of inversion therapy.

4. Relieves Body Stress

Stress is very common these days. The majority of working people experience at least minor neck pain after a typical work week, whether they sit in an office or work on their feet all day. Neck pain can stream from anything, whether you remain in the same position all day, every day, or if you are walking around for 12 hours a day. The use of inversion therapy not only provides stress relief, but it also provides pain relief in our neck and back. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after a session of inversion therapy.

5. Increases Flexibility

You must use inversion table daily even if you do not have back pain. This is because it increases the flexibility of body through the effects of gravity. Inverting our bodies so that we hang upside down reverses the usual effects of gravity on our bodies. Hanging upside down stretches out body naturally, as our bodies are instantly in a position we aren’t used to, and gravity pulls us and stretches us effortlessly.

6. Increases Blood Flow

If you enjoy yoga, then you will undoubtedly know that in yoga, there is a particular posture that is maintained to improve blood flow. An inversion table helps you to achieve that posture easily. Inversion tables stimulate blood circulation that offers additional benefits, as the proper flow of blood is critical for all the body parts to work efficiently and effectively. Inversion therapy works alongside gravity to aid in blood circulation. Instead of gravity pulling blood towards our extremities, such as our feet, rears, and fingers, blood circulation pumps towards our heads, torsos, and necks. When blood is flowing in specific body parts, pain, inflammation, and tension decrease.

7. Good For Workouts

Inversion tables can provide various workouts for the user. You can fully stretch your body using this table. Additionally, there are plenty of workouts you can perform in an inverted position. For example, crunches, sit-ups, and squats are all more difficult while inverted, but they are also very beneficial, as your body has to work much harder, against the pull of gravity. If you want to work out, but aren’t looking to break a sweat or get an intense workout, simply moving your arms up and down while inverted will give you a refreshing, simple workout to feel good about.

8. Elongates Our Spine

Most will not be aware of the fact that the force of gravity leaves us shorter every day as it applies pressure on our spines. Growing up, you probably noticed your grandparents getting shorter every time you saw them. As you grew, your grandparents were most likely shrinking due to gravitational pull. Inversion tables make us taller by stretching our body and elongating our spine, also known as spinal decompression. An inversion chair and table works against gravity as it reverses the gravitational force and decreases the pressure on our back. Our vertebrae hold a great amount of tension and elongating our spines releases that tension and stretches out the vertebrae, making us taller and giving us better posture and less back pain.

9. Good For Abs

Some people also use inversion therapy tables for developing abs, as remaining still at certain angles helps you to apply an extra amount of pressure on the abdomen, which automatically burns fat. Along with holding positions, you can also do crunches and sit-ups while inverted.

10. Maintains Joint Health

The regular use of inversion table also improves joint health. This is why health experts highly suggest older people to use this table every day. Inversion table therapy decreases pressure from our joints and helps them relax. It particularly benefits ankle, hips and knee joints as they are more prone to stress because they bear the most when it comes to standing, walking, or exercising.

11. Increases Your Focus

It is also believed that regular use of this table increases your ability to concentrate on thing for longer time. Increasing blood flow to the head “wakes up” your brain, making you more alert and energized than before you used your inversion therapy table.

12. Increases Balance

Another one of the benefits of inversion therapy is the improvement in balance. While hanging from your inversion chair or table, your hips align, and your spinal cord extends, improving your posture and balance.


It should now be clear that inversion therapy is not only great for patients with back pain, but also for everyone else. Various companies are manufacturing this table at a very reasonable price, so affordability should not be a problem, even for the tightest of budgets. Everyone can easily afford this table, so it is highly suggested buying one for your home.